September 28th, 2003


dream: flow diagrams

In my dream:

lying down, consciously focusing my mind on organizing my body's ley lines to flow straight down along my body from my head to my toes.

World turbulence lines ordinarily ripple and flow around thinking, worrying people like water around rocks in a stream.

As I concentrated on this smoothness the world turbulence lines around me would sometimes snap into alignment, and I would be invisible.

(no subject)

grad school classes start tomorrow morning.

I'm nervous in a way that feels very similar to the day before a long trip, in a did-I-remember-to-pack-my-toothbrush sort of way.

I haven't been in class as a full-time student for six years.

On the up side: I will be in classes in syntax and semantics -- both fairly easy, since much of it is review of things I did in undergrad.

Only now I know LaTeX.
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