August 30th, 2003


perl lexicography tools

There is an interesting discussion and review of a Perl tool for glossary-building, as built by the esteemable Perl Monk allolex.

It would make a frighteningly good cheat for a computational linguistics project. I think I may have to be careful about assigning homeworks when/if I ever start developing a curriculum.

More sometime this weekend. I've been working hard; not always on what my research project was supposed to be on...
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Labor Day Weekend - CA style

People sometimes ask me what I like about living in the Central Area. Here's today's events -- within a block of my house -- which is why I like this neighborhood.

While the hipsters of Seattle gather in Seattle Center under the Space Needle for Bumbershoot, the Central Area, this neighborhood, across town, has been having its own emergent street-festival. All events described are within one block of my house.

Note: I say this tongue-in-cheek; there is no organized festival here. We have instead, on today's daily roster:

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This is why I like this neighborhood.

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