August 22nd, 2003


Comics news

I was in Zanadu Comics today and I picked up a cute little minicomic called Writing Love Letters To Your Pants.

It's genius, I tell you. Her art reminds me of Carla Speed McNeill (of Finder) and Rachel Hartman (of Amy Unbounded) So I went to the artist's web site, and what do you know: she's local and has a livejournal (erikamoen).

From her homepage, I also found Girlamatic which syndicates a number of comics by women and feminist men. Go there. They will soon be carrying comics from the aforementioned Carla and Rachel. I think I may subscribe.

In other comics news, Harvey Pekar has a version of American Splendor coming out as a movie; I want to see this very much.

I'm such a fanboy sometimes.