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Language Computeer
Fists of irony
I just discovered Emdros by reading FieldMethods, which wants to be an NLP portal (and does a good job!).

I wish I'd known about Emdros two years ago... I spend so much energy writing software that does what Emdros sets out to do that it makes me jealous.

On the other hand, it's nice to find it now.
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Following another link from fieldmethods.net, I stumbled on Kevin Knight's homepage at ISI (at USC).

I was reminded that my new funding will be on a multi-lab project involving ISI and SSLI at the University of Washington, so I decided to read some of his papers. I am seriously enjoying his paper surveying Machine Translation, partly because of phrases like this one:

[a research system of Knight's] once translated a Japanese sentence as "There is a plan that a baby is happening in her", a pretty reasonable translation, but with a definite Japanese-semantics feel to it. Semantics is not an all-or-nothing proposition in MT any more than in, say, expert systems. [p. 2]

Hee. Thanks, Pat-from-fieldmethods!

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Here's a note from my brother about this new book from JHU:

(the link contains the first chapter or so of "Information Ages" by Michael Hobart.) Here are my brother's comments:Collapse )

The ideas presented here are challenging (but wildly speculative) about the nature of how literacy affects what we believe about language.

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