August 3rd, 2003


citified homesteading

Today exterra and I walked to brunch at a new-to-us yummy-but-basic restaurant, recommended by a colleague of mine. They have a nice social-justice edge, and an aesthetic of good, simple food. It wasn't even that expensive, which was surprising given the priciness of the neighborhood (overlooking the lake, with fancy views).

Then we went down to the lake and watched the Blue Angels airshow. I'm a little embarrassed at how much fun it is to watch thousands of gallons of jet fuel be spent on throwing large pointy chunks of metal across the sky above a major city. But, then again, I suppose it's better than what the rest of the Navy is spending their jet fuel on these days (er, apparently the same thing, but aimed at the city, with the intent of entertaining the viewing audience back home in the USA).

Yesterday I spent three hours in the community garden making compost: Much work with a pitchfork, digging-fork, shovel, machete, and 3'x3' sieve.

Today my back is sore, and the garden has ten cubic feet of compost that weren't there yesterday morning.

Much work remains: there is still an entire garbage-can filled with unchopped weeds to be added to the cooking compost. I might go down again later today; considering how much time I spend building software and theory castles-in-the-air, it's nice to get some physical labor in because it has real, concrete results. I can stick my fingers into the new black dirt I've just made and be proud.