July 31st, 2003

sharp, arrow, angry

I'll see that $5 on your head-of-state (and raise you a petty dictator)

Somehow, the Pentagon decided it would be a good idea to encourage "investors" to put money down on the odds of a terrorist attack. Luckily

This seems like an extreme example of the Bush administration's privatize-the-fire-department market insanity. What kind of sick logic leads you to think that the market would be a better predictor of terrorist attacks than, say, the FBI?

What's really disturbing about this is that Google News lists a number of stories on this subject. Well, that's not disturbing. What's disturbing is the several articles (the New York Times, Slate, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and Fortune Magazine) that claim it was a really good idea after all.

Yow. Did the Enron energy crisis teach us nothing? I'd just be waiting for someone to corner the market on terrorism, just to drive up the price.

As an aside: NO the author of the Fortune piece is NOT me. I wish he would use his middle initial or something.

Also, an additional note: Reuters (see second paragraph from the end) seems to disagree with Yahoo! (see 11th paragraph) about whether it's Total Information Awareness or Terrorism Information Awareness. I first encountered this term as the former, but the latter does seem like a smooth recovery from the Orwellian horror of the former.
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