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Language Computeer
Fists of irony
Years ago, I first read Native Tongue by Suzette Haden Elgin (I have the crappy trade paperback version with the goofy-looking lizardy alien on the cover). If you haven't read them, it's enough to know that one key point in the novels is an attempt by women linguists to create a deliberately subversive language called Láadan. (My "Dirty Lingoe" appellation here was taken from those books, so they clearly left a mark.)

In the process of playing with KDict on my new laptop, I discovered that the Easton Bible Dictionary has some interesting notes, which I excerpt here (emphasis mine):
[A] very small number of topic references [...] were unable to be resolved. These topics are:

  Laadan, Land Laws, Vashni.

These topics are not listed in the printed edition and it is not apparent what [Mr. Easton] intended.
"Hello," I thought. "How interesting that Laadan should show up in this 1897 Bible dictionary -- without reference. Let me Google on this."

find out what I discovered...Collapse )

One last note: there's a whole set of interesting discussion questions about the Native Tongue novels. I wonder if there's anybody reading this who would be interested in an online discussion.
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mmm... ice coffee when it's 90 degrees is good but dumb.

(Hmm... I'm being dehydrated by the minute. What should I drink? how about a nice diuretic!)
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