June 24th, 2003


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The new RA job is going swimmingly.

Bad news:

  • I work in a computer lab all day in the gorgeous Seattle summer.

Good news:

  • My co-workers seem to be bright, friendly people
  • I get to code all day, without working for the beast
  • My boss is smart and sensitive; she picked up right away when I was getting lost ("deleted interpolation, cost adjustment, backoff, Viterbi search, mar mar, marmar mar mar,...") and told me to be upfront when I was getting lost.
  • It's a *nix shop (yay)

It's pretty mellow around here -- though that's probably just the summertime. I find myself wondering how I'm going to change brain-mode into linguistics when the fall rolls around...


Lexical hallucination

On a totally different note, I have found myself lexically hallucinating a lot in the last few days. Maybe it's because I'm not getting enough sleep, but I have caught myself after misreading something badly at least three times in the last day and a half.

For example:

  • (In a Vietnamese restaurant): peacefully enjoy your meal (It really said please fully enjoy your meal)
  • On a bottle: Registered water (it really said Purified water)
I can't remember the other examples -- I think I'm just tired -- but has this ever happened to anybody else?

Perhaps I'm spoiled by my usual super-fast reading speed.

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