June 19th, 2003

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Time Cube

My Cubic wisdom is above 1 - day Gods and Scientist. Ignoring Time Cube is Evil.

Educators are"damn liars",and most evil of all animals. They do not deny the charge of being evil word bastards.

Time Cube.

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MJD's Perl QOTW introduces new term of address

Quoth the occasionally-cranky Mark Jason Dominus in this week's Solution to the Perl Quiz-of-the-Week:
4. Robert Spier asks:

        At this point, I'm stumped.  What does Pr. stand for?

   I liked refering to people as "Mr." in previous reports.  But then
   I got worried, because this assumes that all these people are men.
   I do not want to assume that, and really, I don't know.  So I
   decided to invent a new formal title for programmers that would
   evade the issue.  'Pr.' stands for 'Programmer'.  

   Lawyers get to impress people by putting 'Esq.' after their names.
   Now programmers can impress people by using a special title too.

I have to admire the guy for trying to create a non-gendered title. He's actually using it, too.

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